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I've probably had a crush on you. 

Embarrassing truths come out when you're partial to people-watching and admiring the curious habits of subway commuters.

But I think these sort of observations help us understand how we can be brought closer together. Riddles present themselves in the form of shower thoughts, stranger etiquette, and the countless reasons behind sleeplessness. Human truths, as they are known, and how they are used meaningfully—these are the reasons why I decided to devastate my parents by running off into the world of Advertising and Design.

My name is Nina Hang. I'm an art director, wannabe writer, and OCAD University alumni with a shameless sweet tooth and an even sweeter infatuation for people and secrets.

As an intermediate art director at No Fixed Address, I'm curious about the genuine ways to communicate and make connections with those around us. Through this practice the world becomes a little bit smaller, and the people in it easier to develop crushes on.

Talk soon,

My resume is here, for a one page sum-up of my professional self.

I'd be happy to hear from you.

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